A Solution for Organizing Headbands and Bows

Organizing bows and headbands


Last week I asked for tips on the best ways to go about organizing headbands and bows for girls. There were so many great responses (you can read them all here) and I think I figured out a method of organizing all the bows we have coming out of our ears. :)

First of all, I decided it would work best if I separated the headbands and alligator clip bows. I really liked this headband holder, but unfortunately we already had too many headbands to all fit on here (I know, I know…it’s crazy). :)

So I reverted back to my trusty over-the-door shoe organizer (that we also use for school supplies and scarves/hats in other areas of the house). I color-coordinated the headbands so the will be easy to find.








Obviously, if you have accordion-style closet doors, this won’t work for you. Be sure to check out all the other suggestions from our Facebook friends!


Next, I needed a solution for the alligator clip bows. We don’t have very many of these yet because Baby Girl’s hair isn’t long enough to hold them in place. But I found a birdcage similar to this one at Hobby Lobby and spray painted it with some pink spray paint I already had on hand (it was a teal color to begin with).







Want to see more of our nursery? Check it out here.  


I put felt pads on the bottom to keep it from scratching the dresser.



How do you organize your daughter’s bows and headbands???



  1. Cute birdcage idea! I have two daughters (and a son); we have loads of hair accessories. I made a ziploc baggie book for all the teeny hair elastics and clips. I got the idea from your Ziploc “My Body” Book post, but I sewed each bag down the middle to make them smaller and staggered the baggs so the pockets are different sizes. For headbands I found a hanging accessories organizer at Ross, kind of like this http://www.amazon.com/Household-Essentials-80-Pocket-Accessories-Organizer/dp/B0010XX7ZQ but cuter. Sort of like a mini over-the-door organizer. It works well for those teeny baby shoes, too.

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