Spring Cleaning: Kid’s Edition (Day Three)

Spring Cleaning Kid's Edition (Day 3)

It’s Day Three of our Spring Cleaning:  Kid’s Edition Challenge (be sure to check out Day 1 and Day 2 if you missed them). I am already feeling sooooo much better about the clutter in my house!

Here is today’s challenge:


Go through all your children’s books. Donate the ones you no longer want and organize the ones you keep.


We have tons of books in our house, partly because I had boxes of them from when I taught and partly because I have a habit of buying way too many of them now. Here is just a very small sampling of our books that I sorted:


I managed to get a couple grocery bags full to donate, mainly books that my boys have outgrown or ones that they weren’t crazy about in the first place. I sorted the rest according to season.


I also bought some magazine holders from Target (for about $2.50 each) to sort them according to season/category. I’ve always wanted to organize my books better in this way, but have never gotten around to it. Now when it is winter and want to read a book about snow, I’ll know exactly where to go!




 The books are now organized! Stay tuned for tomorrow’s task…it’s the last one! :)



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