Storage Room turned Kid’s Winter Oasis

I don’t know about you, but cold days are REALLY hard with two rambunctious boys in the house! We haven’t had too many days so far that are cold enough to where we don’t want to be outside, but I know that they’re coming!

The majority of our basement is unfinished, which means we have a TON of storage space but not as much living space down there. I wanted to transform half of our basement storage room into a “winter oasis” for the boys. With some MDF board we already had laying around down there, a little paint, and some foam flooring, I think we did just that!

Here is from the door looking into the storage room. That blue wall didn’t used to be there (there was just shelving). My husband screwed the MDF boards into the header beam to make a floating wall. We also made a makeshift soccer goal with duct tape on the concrete wall.


The flooring is interlocking foam pieces. We bought them at Sam’s for about $22/pack (8 tiles to a package with the backside all black), but you can also buy them here.

This MDF board had previously been used to paint things on. Prince Charming screwed it into the studs and we painted it with chalkboard paint!




Big Brother drawing the sun, moon, and some of the planets. :)


 I painted the other two floating boards with some blue paint we already had on hand. It is now our autograph wall!! When kids come over to our house, they use the paint markers we received compliments of Elmer’s Craft It! to write their name on our wall!

There is now a place INSIDE our house for balls to be thrown and kicked!


And we left a space with just the concrete floors for the boys to enjoy their Plasma Car!


This is what it looks like a good majority of the time…but I can just close the door and not deal with the mess!

It was so fun transforming an unusable space into something that the boys have already immensely enjoyed! Although not all that pretty, it serves it’s purpose well. :)


  1. What a great use of space. Our basement is unfinished, and a mess! I do wish we had some sort of play area…this might give me the motivation I need to get organized!

  2. We use our garage in a similar way during the winter. It’s not super warm, but with coats on, it’s at least dry. We plug in a little space heater if we need it. We can ride our trikes, balance bikes, cars, etc. We play with our balls, and in a house we made our of our washer box. The boys love it and sometimes it’s just the change of environment they need. :)

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