Spring Cleaning: Kid’s Edition (Day Four)

Spring Cleaning Kid's Edition


Today is the last day of this challenge…hooray! I am tired of organizing (and making trips to Goodwill), but I am so glad to have a clutter-free house!

This last task was definitely the easiest for me, probably because I feel like I have a pretty good system in place already so it only included some minor adjustments.

Here is today’s task:


Go through your craft supplies. Get rid of the supplies you don’t need and organize the rest. 


Let me assure you:  You do not need the 72 paper towel rolls you’ve been hanging onto. Toss them (most of them, anyway…you might want to hang onto a few just in case). Also, here is my absolute favorite tool for organizing craft and school supplies:


A shoe organizer! I put this on our pantry door almost two years ago and it has been AWESOME. The above picture is actually my “before” picture, but there wasn’t much difference after I did some clearing out because it is already pretty organized. You can find them here or at most local improvement stores .



I dug out all the markers and tested each one…




and tossed the dried-up ones.




I also picked out all the broken crayons. And since I had already done that, I decided I would just “quickly” pop the pieces in a silicone mold and make some Christmas gifts (yes, I know…it’s April). :)




I underestimated how long it took to peel the labels off the crayons.




But I forged on and we now have 15 cute little snowflake crayons ready for Christmas. Woo-hoo!




Despite how amazingly awesome the shoe organizer is for storing our craft supplies, there isn’t room for everything. I have a shelf in our cleaning closet for the rest of our stuff. Thankfully I had recently reorganized all of this when we created our mudroom, so there wasn’t much I had to reorganize. I found these cute little baskets at Target a long time ago for under a dollar.



Phew. That’s it! Almost all of your child’s stuff should now be pared down and organized! Give yourself a special treat this weekend for working so hard. :)

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  1. Have you ever done a post on how to organize craft supplies or what things are essentials and staples for crafting? I would love to know what top 10 or 20 craft supplies you most often use. What things y ou keep at an arms reach (maybe like glue?) and what things you store away a little bc you don’t use them as often (like in my house paint brushes)? Anyways, just curious if you already have something like this on your blog? We have a small house without a lot of storage space, so I am always looking for some ideas….especially bc next year we will be homeschooling and I will need to find storage space for our curriculum in addition. :)

  2. Love the shoes organizer idea for craft supplies. We move A LOT due to my husband’s job and all our craft supplies are at the bottom of…moving boxes except for what we use often. I was thinking of getting a little cart but a shoe organizer seems even more…organized! Thanks for the idea!

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