Magnetic Snack and Play Travel Tray

Magnetic Snack & Play Travel Tray

Traveling in the car with kids can be tough.  It seems as though there is a never-ending demand coming from someone in the backseat:  “I’m hungry!”…”I’m bored!”…”Are we there yet?”…He keeps touching me!…”Waaaa!”  To be quite honest, we rely way more on our car’s DVD player than I would like to admit.  It is a […]

Minion Snack Cups

Minion Snack Cups

  Our boys have been counting down to the Minions movie coming out this Friday!  There are so many fun Minion crafts and activities out there (the Perler Bead Minions is our current favorite).  We thought we would join in the Minion mania with some fun and simple Minion Snack Cups!   I tried a few different ways, […]

Natural Ways to Get Rid of Spiders

Get Rid of Spiders in Your House

  When we first moved into our house over five years ago, we had a BIG spider problem.  Specifically, we had a brown recluse problem–one of only two types of spiders in North America that are extremely harmful to humans (a word of warning:  don’t google brown recluse bites unless you plan on not eating for […]

How to Watch YouTube Videos Safely with Kids

how to watch

Have you ever innocently let your child watch a funny animal video on YouTube only to be appalled by the advertisements or suggested videos at the end?  Have you ever watched a video and noticed the derogatory comments just inches below where your young reader’s eyes are focused?     June is Internet Safety Month. […]

Christian Running Music Playlist

Upbeat Christian Running Music

  I am not a runner.  I am not a runner.  I AM NOT A RUNNER.  But yet, I talked myself into training for a half-marathon (pretty much because I figured it was easier to do this than to give up my daily Sonic Dr. Pepper addiction).  Given the fact that I have issues sticking with […]