Our New School/Craft Supply Organization

Organization is apparently not my thing.  Try as I might, I just can’t seem to stay organized!  This presents an assortment of complications, one of them being I can never find what I’m looking for.  This is especially true for school and art supplies.  Things seem to get buried in the bottomless pit of “organizational methods” that I’ve tried (and failed at) before.  And after Stacie’s guest post last week, I was motivated to get things organized around here…well at least the school supplies anyway.

This is my new favorite organizational tool:  an over-the-door shoe organizer!  A comment from Kate on Stacie’s guest post last week tipped me off to this idea and it is pure genius!  I got my shoe organizer at Lowe’s for $12, but you can also buy them here.

There are two main things I love about this:  (1) it is clear so you can see exactly what you’re looking for and (2) it doesn’t take up any space…it just hangs on the back of a door!  We have it hanging on our pantry door because we usually do our art projects in the kitchen.  Our art supplies are literally 2 steps away and arranged in a way where we can see what we have!  I feel like doing a happy dance.

If you’re interested in seeing what supplies we have in our “organizer”, click on the two pictures below to enlarge.

Here are the top 3 rows:

And the bottom 3:


I was so excited about out how organized I was feeling…I tackled my two junk drawers as well!  Aren’t you proud, Beth?

On to the rest of my house…or perhaps I’ll just read a book instead.  ;)


  1. Shannon says

    I love these shoe organizers – We have 1 that stays with our suitcases so that we can take it on vacations with us, I put all of our toiletries in it when we arrive at the resort (was VERY handy this last winter when we took a cruise – 5 people in a small cabin & no storage, it was perfect!). I also have one in every bathroom for my girls hairbrushes, bows, clips, headbands, etc. Thanks for the art supply idea!

  2. Elaine Horton says

    I love this idea. I loved being organized, but this is an idea I hadn’t thought of. I struggle with keeping all of our homeschool/craft supplies organized. I’ll be heading out to the store today! Thanks:)

  3. Hope says

    I’ve seen this idea before & have wanted to use it but never got around to it. BUT now that we are moving, it will be so easy to get things organized right off the bat

  4. Caterina says

    We did this! It has uncluttered my dining room table. I want to put one behind every door.
    Thanks so much,

  5. Pat Rigg says

    Cute idea. I don’t have alot of doors in my small house but I do have of of these shoe holders on the back of my craft room door. I use it for my punches & love the accessability of it.

  6. Edie says

    I took a shoe organizer, hung it in my kitchen and put the dry soup pouches, mixer beaters, Dry dip/salad pouches, etc. in the pockets. It has saved me a lot of room in a very small kitchen and very handy. I also found small, hanging type shower caddys with pockets and attached them to the inside of my cabinet to put other pouch type items and instructions/warranties for appliances.


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