Personalized Pot Holders For Mother’s Day

Personalized Pot Holders...great gift idea for Mother's Day!

Personalized Pot Holder 

Looking for a easy personalized gift for Mother’s Day? Or even for a Dad who is no stranger to the kitchen? Why not encourage your child to create a personalized pot holder! Most Moms (and Grandmas) are in the kitchen for a good amount of time each day. When they go to grab something from the oven, what better time for them to think of that precious child?!?!

Oven Mitts and Pot Holders

Here’s what you’ll need:

We bought our pot holders at Target for about $3 each. They have a silicone back.

How To Make A Personalized Pot Holder

drawing a picture on a pot holder
Give your child the fabric markers and encourage him/her to make a beautiful picture on the pot holder!
drawing on the pot holder
    personalized pot holder
      a special mother's day gift
    our personalized pot holders for Grandma
    personalized pot holder

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First published 2014. Updated 2019.

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