Make It: Ribbon Blanket for Baby


I first learned how to make one of these “mini-blankets” when a student’s mother quickly gave me a 2-minute verbal tutorial while picking her daughter up from school!  I made Big Brother one before he was born and he loved it, especially around 3 months when he could put the little ribbon tags in his mouth.  It was then passed down to Little Brother, who still sleeps with his every night.  I’ve made several for baby shower gifts as well.  These ribbon blankets are intended to be cuddled and chewed on!

This is SO EASY to make, you could make it even if you’ve never sewn.  And it will take you less than an hour.  Just borrow a sewing machine or head over to a friend’s house if you don’t have one.  I promise you this…the hardest part of the whole thing will be figuring out how to thread the machine!

Initially, you might have to fork over around $10 for fabric and ribbon, but it should make at least 3-4 ribbon blankets!  Plus, everybody loves a homemade gift for baby…it just makes gift-giving much more personal.

Here’s what you’ll need:  2 pieces of fabric cut to 12″x12″; several different colors, textures, and widths of ribbon; a sewing machine; pins and thread.

1.  If you didn’t already, cut your fabric to a 12-inch by 12-inch square.  I like having two textures–the blue fabric is soft and fuzzy and the pink polka-dots is flannel.
2.  Lay your fabric on top of eachother, right sides together.
3.  Cut your ribbon into 5-inch strips.  You’ll need about 16-18 strips.
4.  Fold your ribbon in half and crease it as best you can.
5.  Place the ribbon in between the two layers of fabric, with the ENDS of the ribbon sticking out (meaning the CREASE will be inside the two pieces of fabric).
6.  Pin it in place.
7.  Continue with the remaining ribbon.  Then start sewing.
8.  Once you get to a ribbon while you’re sewing, back stitch at least 3 times over THE ENTIRE LENGTH of the ribbon.  This will ensure that the ribbons will not come loose, even when tugged and gnawed on.  Make sure you do this with every ribbon you sew over.
9.  Once you’ve sewn the entire perimeter, leave the space between two ribbons un-sewn (just back stitch the ends so it doesn’t come apart).
10.  Turn inside out.
11.  Stitch the remaining section that was never sewn together.  I just use my machine.  You COULD hand-stitch it and it would probably look nicer, but I honestly don’t know how to hand-sew…so I’m of no help.
All done!
What homemade gifts for babies do you like to make?


  1. Ashley says

    I am making these for all my pregnant friends :) I hit Hobby Lobby at the right time and got chenille fabric and the ribbon for 50% off! Can’t wait to see how it turns out!

  2. sarah says

    Love this! Made a smaller one for my niece who just started teething, and she loves it. I also made a slight addition to it and put some foil tissue paper(piece of an empty baby wipe package works great too!) Inside before I sewed it shut, now its her favorite toy, she can chew on it and it makes noise.

  3. Debra Whitehouse says

    this is a great! I am going to try and make one. One question: What kind of ribbon do you use? I just wondering after the little ones are chewing them, would they frey?

    • says

      I just use the cloth ribbon you can buy at any craft supply store. My son has had his for over 3 years (and still sleeps with it every night–washed once a week) and we haven’t had any fraying.

  4. MW says

    My daughter loved her blankie like this when she was little. But a word of warning…just be careful you are only making these for personal use and not for resale – Apparently the Taggie company has a patent on these and their legal department comes down hard on anyone trying to sell them. (Ridiculous, I know.) :-(

  5. Carolina says

    thank you so much, I will be a first time grandma in the fall. My baby item radar is on high alert, I saw one of these tagged lovey’s at a craft fair and knew there would be great DIY info somewhere. I am so glad to have found yours. thank you again. very well written.

  6. Jenea says

    Love the tutorial. My kids love taggie blankets but they are expensive. Looking forward to making my own. Love your name BTW :)

  7. shelley says

    I just finished sewing the ribbon blanket using a Dr. Seuss pattern and coordinated with some colorful ribbon. It came out so cute and I can’t wait for my granddaughter to give it to her not born son yet. I’m also making a blanket to coordinate. Had thought about a pillow but liked this craft much better. Thank you for making it such a fun craft.

  8. says

    I just got a ribbon blanket for my new grandbaby and I thought that things were to be attached somehow to the ribbons for playthings. so we googled your site and discovered that babies are to suck on the ribbons. My daughter was horrified as ribbons are made from some sort of synthetic materials which are not natural and who knows what poisons are in them. i’m trying to figure this out. Also, wouldn.t there be dyes in the ribbons? Please help me to understand why ribbon blankets would be safe for babies

  9. says

    I would love to link this to my blog with a re-creation that I am planning on doing… If that would be ok with you :) I love this tutorial and it looks SUPER EASY!!

  10. says

    These are great gifts and my baby loves all of hers. Great tutorial! You could top stitch around the square once you have it all together for added strength. Also, I like to make sure not to use ribbons with painted on patterns. I’m very weary of that since my daughter always chews on the ribbons. Very nice project!

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  12. Sheila says

    The picture shows loops on the outside, The instructions say pt the crease (fold) on the inside. I just thought you should change the photo since little fingers can get caught in the loops and if the loop twists it can cut off circulation. I’m going to make one of these for a quick baby shower gift, do a big quilt for Christmas baby.

  13. Jennie says

    This is lovely and intend to make one for my Niece with labels from clothes as she loves these……I was wondering Jenae if i could make some to sell and a craft show?

    Regards Jennie


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