Top 20 Craft Supplies Every Home Should Have

Top 20 Craft Supplies Every Home Should Have


I received a comment from a reader on last week’s Craft Organization post wondering what our “must-have craft supplies” are:


“Have you ever done a post on how to organize craft supplies or what things are essentials and staples for crafting? I would love to know what top 10 or 20 craft supplies you most often use. What things y ou keep at an arms reach (maybe like glue?) and what things you store away a little bc you don’t use them as often (like in my house paint brushes)? Anyways, just curious if you already have something like this on your blog? We have a small house without a lot of storage space, so I am always looking for some ideas….”


Here are the top 20 Craft Supplies I think every home should have…


The Basics:


1. Crayons:  Every home must have crayons, whether you have children or not! I have used nearly all brands of crayons over the years, both in my classroom and in our home, and I can say that Crayola Crayons are the best (in my opinion). You can find a 24-pack for 25 to 50 cents during Back-to-School season.


2. Markers:  My absolute favorite markers are the Mr. Sketch Scented Markers. The colors are brilliant and they smell (a special bonus for young kids), but they are a little pricier than regular markers. Crayola also makes a great marker. Obviously. :)

Mr. Sketch

3. Glue, glue sticks, and/or glue dots (or you can even make your own glue):  Starting with glue sticks with young children is the least-messy way to go, but teaching your child to use an appropriate amount of liquid glue is highly appreciated before your child begins school. Glue dots are super-easy to use as well.


4. Paper:  Construction Paper, Copy Paper, and Cardstock. Paper might be the single most important “supply” to have in your home. Without paper, very few creations can be made! I personally love using cardstock because it is thicker and holds up when it has paint on it.


5. Child Scissors:   I love these child-safe scissors best for children just beginning to use scissors. After your child gets the hang of using them, any child-size scissors will do!




6. Finger Paint:  This is an excellent first art supply for young toddlers! Finger paint is generally safe for children and provides a new sensory experience for children. If you don’t want to purchase finger paint, you can make your own or even use yogurt as finger paint.


7. Washable Tempera Paint:  Washable tempera paint is the perfect paint for preschoolers and early elementary students. The colors are vibrant and the texture is thick enough to make the art “pop”.


8. Paintbrushes:  Although there are lots of ways to paint without a paintbrush, paintbrushes are still a must-have in my book. For young children, I love these jumbo paint brushes because they are the perfect size for little hands.


9. Watercolors (you can also make your own watercolors):  Using watercolors is one of the cleanest ways to paint, not to mention the product is beautiful and pastel-like! Watercolors and a white crayon can even make a special secret message.


Other “Essential” Supplies:


10.  Clear Contact Paper (also known as shelf paper–available near the sponges at most grocery stores or online). This clear paper has a backing that you peel off to expose a sticky surface. Contact paper is great for making sun catchers, creating sticky learning opportunities, or making sticky collages.


11. Craft Sticks, big and small (also known as popsicle sticks). Craft sticks are excellent tools for creating. There are lots of different ways to use them, including making shapes or a small cookie bouquet.


12. Clothespins and/or doll pins:  These aren’t just great for pretty crafts, but also wonderful for learning opportunities and developing fine motor control.




13. Pipe cleaners:  Also known as chenille stems, pipe cleaners are a traditional crafting must-have. We’ve used them in an assortment of ways, including making truffula trees, rainbows, and even an abacus!


14. Googly Eyes:  Googly eyes make everything fun! Put them on items around the house to make your family smile! Just make sure not to use them with children younger than 3 (or those children still putting things in their mouths).


15. Craft Foam:  Craft foam is another great supply to have on hand. Its thickness and water-proof nature make it extremely durable for young kids. It can even be used to make bath shapes.


bath shapes


16. Pom-Poms:  Pom-poms are a great crafting supply for children 3 years and older (they are dangerous for younger children). Not only are they great for crafts, but they can also be used for learning activities (such as sorting and classifying).


17. Do-a-Dot Markers:  We love these markers! They are almost identical to Bingo Markers, so you can always borrow one from a Bingo-player in your life!


18. Tissue Paper and/or Coffee Filters:  Tearing tissue paper is great for fine motor practice as well as for creating beautiful “stained glass“. If you don’t have tissue paper handy, you can always use markers to color coffee filters, spray them with water to let the color spread, and then let it dry.


19. Glitter:  I’ll be honest…I don’t love glitter. It makes a mess and is difficult to clean up. However, kids LOVE glitter, so sometimes we must compromise. Glitter glue is definitely a less-messy option!


20. Painter’s Tape:  We use painter’s tape for a variety of different activities, including making resist art and creating various sorting experiences.



As for organization, I keep the basics and whatever else I have room for in our Clear Shoe Organizer on our Pantry Door.



The rest of the supplies I keep in plastic dish pans in the closet.



What are your “must-have” craft supplies and how do you organize them???

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  1. So simple but great ideas! I used this list to make a quick, “homemade” birthday present. Who doesn’t love a brand new box of crayons and markers?

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