STEM Activities

What is STEM? Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics! Our STEM activities help build these important concepts in a fun, hands-on manner that is engaging to little learners!


Bouncy Egg Experiment
Ice Cream in a Bag Experiment
Oobleck Recipe: Liquid or Solid?
How To Make A Homemade Lava Lamp
Top 10 Reading Apps for Kids
25+ Totally Awesome Science Fair Project Ideas For Kids
2-liter bottle Rocket Launcher
DIY Rocket Launcher
Fizzy Olympic Rings
Science Experiment Jesus Washes Our Sins Away
Science Experiment: Jesus Washes Our Sins Away
Fizzing Snowflakes
Indoor Activity For Toddlers - Fizzing Snowflakes
Free the Frozen Pokemon: Experiment with Melting Ice
Pumpkin Oobleck
Minecraft Impressionist Paintings
Rainbow Ice Tunnels
The Tough Tablet that Could Survive Your Family
How to Watch YouTube Videos Safely with Kids
Gross Science Experiments
How do Arctic Animals Stay Warm in Icy Water?
Silly Putty Melting Jack-O-Lantern
Magic Jack-O-Lantern
The iPad is stealing my son's childhood
Simple Science Experiment for Kids: Why are there craters on the moon?
How Do I Know Which Apps Are Best For My Kids?
Top 10 Apps for Toddlers
Best Apps for Preschoolers
The Kitchen Lab: Using Vegetables and Fruit in Scientific Experiments
Gift Idea: Science Kit for Kids (with free printables)
Make Your Own Solar Oven
Build a Hovercraft
Make Your Own Compass
Mentos Geysers
Can You Blow Up a Balloon in a Bottle?
Fireworks in a Jar
Fizzy Balloons
Elephant Toothpaste
Marshmallow Slingshots
Free eBook: Fascinating Science for Kids
What puts out a fire?
Magnetic Monsters
Invent Your Own Indoor Kite
Invent Your Own Bubble Wands from Kitchen Tools
Invent Your Own Cake!
Cup Telephone
Homemade Watercolors
Mixing Colors!
The "Why do we need sunscreen?" Experiment
Make Your Own Tornado
Green Fizzy Fun
Will it slide?